Women That Matter


We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God.
We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (Spirit).
We believe Jesus Christ is our Risen Savior who saved the lost and healed the sick.
We populate the world, we are a life giver and the mother of all living humans.
We reach the lost, nurture the young and console the low in spirit.
We work with family, community and church.
We know how to balance our family, our career and have spiritual devotion.
We are kingdom builders.
We are/may be fragile and yet we are strong.
We want to be  women of courage like Deborah ---(Judges 4:4).
We want to be  women of prayer like Hannah ---(1 Samuel 13 & 27).
We want to be humble women like Elizabeth---(Luke 1:43).
We want to be wise women--- (Proverbs 14:1). 


Women That Matter Meeting Schedule 2019


 Currently there are no meetings scheduled for 2019


Women That Matter Photo Gallery


Congratulations to:

Woman of the Year 2019 - Mother Esther Thomas

Daughter of the Year 2019 - Briannah Murrell

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